Wales Lau Gar Kuen Kung Fu
Learn Kung Fu, the Lion Dance and much more....

The clubs have produced many Black Sashes of a consistent high quality,
have performed in numerous demonstrations, festivals and National Kung Fu championship.

The classes are being run by Sifu Jason Crabtree
who is a Guardian and 6th Degree Black Sash in Lau Gar Kuen Kung Fu,
which has its links back to the Shaolin Temple in China.


Training includes: forms, strikes, kicks, locks, throws, take downs and more...

Advanced students have the chance to learn numerous weapons including various sizes and types of knives, swords and sticks together with heavy weapons such as tridents and flexible weapons, such as spears.

There are also prearranged two person sparring forms and students are introduced to controlled free sparring as their skills progress.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn the Lion Dance and to become active members of the Demonstration Team.


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